Italia Lodging® aims to be a handy and useful on-line consultation aid for those looking for information and who want to see and book carefully-selected rooms all over Italy. 

The lodgings available have been selected using very simple and efficient criteria. These structures are above all marked out by an excellent quality/price ratio and the fact that they are "friendly" environments, run by efficient staff who want to make their guests feel right at home in a nice place which is charming, clean and comfortable. This is why we mostly offer bed and breakfasts, small hotels, farmhouse accommodation, country houses and apartments.

We are constantly selecting and adding new sites so that the range on offer is always complete

An essential element of Italia Lodging® is the considerable space dedicated to each of the structures registered. We do not just provide an information sheet but we try to provide a real  Internet-based shop-window for each lodging so that visitors can see for themselves what they have to offer.

In addition, we strive to offer complete information about the "places" themselves. We also try to provide useful information about the places worth seeing but which are not part of the usual tourist circuits. 

Our hope is to bring out the best in wonderful places and lovely homes, so that the Internet presentation itself is "an enjoyable trip". 

Enjoy Surfing the site,

Ulisse 2000® S.r.l. 


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