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Susegana is in The geographic area called "ALTA MARCA TREVIGIANA" which comprises the zones of Quartier del Piave and Vallata. It's an area of great tourist interest, here we find in the abbey, the sanctuaries, the "pievi" and in the oratories [...]

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Maso di Villa Maso di Villa | Susegana | 4 moons   Country inn

Less than one hour away from Venice, among the delicate profiles of the Treviso hills, home to top-class wines, surrounded by the lazy rhythms of silent nature, you will find Maso di Villa, an old colonial home which is now a [...]

Maso di Villa
-- map   average price per double room: 100 - 150 €

The pleasure of a fable-like holiday immersed in a romantic Provencal atmosphere.  

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The closest 20 accommodation within a ray of 30 kilometres (air distance) from Susegana

Il Fae' (7,9 km) - San Pietro di Feletto (Bed and Breakfast)
The Faé Bed and Breakfast is surrounded by the beautiful hills of Conegliano. There, you'll have an opportunity to live in the quiet, peaceful countryside and to taste the local food - a delight!. The Faé Bed and Breakfast is a new way to relax in a familiar but private atmosphere near Venice, not far from Treviso, Asolo and Cortina d'Ampezzo. The Faè is a B&B and country villas for rent and was restructured 1 year ago. The building is like a giant country villas but really they are 3 separated villas. [ ... ]

Crespi's (19,0 km) - Treviso (Bed and Breakfast)
In a "Veneto" Villa from the beginning of the Nineteenth Century, you will be welcomed by an atmosphere with all the hallmarks of a refined bourgeois home. The various areas here will be loved by those looking to immerse themselves in green nature with added historical value, not to mention lovely landscapes where water, all around, is just below the surface of lush lawns and runs as far as Porta San Tommaso, a Sixteenth-Century point of access from the North to the city of Treviso. Age-old furniture, books, pictures and paintings, small collections, traditions and fine food and drink will provide guests here with lovely memories of staying in the "Marca Gioiosa et Amorosa - Joyful and Loveable Parish" -, as is recalled by a fresco still to be found beneath the "Loggia dei Cavalieri - Knights' Lodge" in the historic city centre of Treviso, which at the time was a "courtly" field where court ladies, knights and poets used to meet. [ ... ]

Villa Toderini (20,0 km) - Codognè (Country inn)
Farm house "Villa Toderini" is the final result of the dream of turning an ancient colonic house into a typical country hotel in the wonderful landscape of Codogné, an oasis of tranquillity in a strategic position, just a few kilometres away from the most visited tourist areas of the Veneto region: in the North, the Dolomiti and Cortina d'Ampezzo, Cadore and Altopiano del Consiglio; in the South, Venezia and the Laguna. Other well-known centres of cultural interest, such as Treviso, Asolo, Oderzo, Portobuffolé, Conegliano, Sacile and Vittorio Veneto are at just a stone's throw. [ ... ]

Villa Ariella (23,1 km) - Codognè (Bed and Breakfast)
Villa Ariella is an ancient 18th-Century noble home in Veneto, splendidly surrounded by a large garden with age-old trees and a lovely swimming pool. Images of other times, strategically located for an easy visit to a city of art and other places famous for their natural beauty, both in the mountains and along the coast. Relax in the countryside in Veneto right beside Cortina and Venice. [ ... ]

Col Delle Rane (28,0 km) - Caerano di San Marco (Country inn)
Resting on the green hills of the Trevisan March, in a panoramic area only minutes away from Asolo and the Palladian villas, and not far from Venice, Col delle Rane, a skilfully restored 18th century farmhouse, is the ideal place for a happy holiday. The guest farm is a must if you love the peace and quiet of the country. The comfortable interiors and the warm welcome of the Gallina family are just the thing for a nice, relaxing stay. [ ... ]

Al Quadrifoglio B&B (36,8 km) - Venice (Bed and Breakfast)
"Al Quadrifoglio" B&B is surrounded by a charming and blooming park. The location is peaceful and relaxing, meanwhile it is situated nearby the city centre of Venice and Mestre which can be easily reached by bus. The atmosphere, here, is elegant and welcoming, just the ideal place for those who travel with children and for bike-lovers. The location is also very convenient to visit the main cities of Veneto, like Treviso, Padova, Vicenza, and the beautiful "Riviera del Brenta". [ ... ]

Hotel Kappa (38,5 km) - Venice (Hotel)
Hotel Kappa is a 3 stars hotel located in the historical part of Mestre, on the main square of Carpenedo. It has recently been renovated in an effort to offer guests the best service possible. The perfect strategic position of the hotel allows guests to reach it easily both by car and by train. You will not have to worry if you wish to stay in Venice until the small hours: the bus will take you back to the hotel at any time and the staff, here, will be ready to welcome you until late. [ ... ]

Hotel Ariston (38,6 km) - Venice (Bed and Breakfast)
The Hotel Ariston is located in Mestre, in the very heart of the Venice area. An elegant, recently renovated hotel, it boasts a peaceful location that is surprisingly easy to reach by car and near to the airport. Its youthful, informal hospitality, the excellent level of the service and the cosmopolitan feel will make your stay in Venice even more interesting and fun! Hotel Ariston, forever attentive to the needs of its guests, has a large private car park, bar, TV room, and Internet point, making it an ideal hotel for a holiday stay or business trip. [ ... ]

Hotel Antico Moro (39,3 km) - Venice (Hotel)
Antico Moro Hotel is located in the Venetian countryside, near to the Mestre highway exit (1 km), along the historical Castellana Road, that in the past connected the Venetian lagoon to the Alps. Its location is perfect both for tourists and businessmen. From the Antico Moro Hotel it is easy to reach Venice, the bus stop is just 20 metres away from the hotel. You can catch a bus every 15 minutes and reach Venice in 15/20 minutes. The bus will take you back to the hotel at any time, until late at night [ ... ]

Villa Crispi (39,7 km) - Venice (Bed and Breakfast)
Amidst villas and gardens in the residential area of Mestre, 10 minutes from Venice, and the main freeways and airport, a lovely early 1900's home houses the rooms of Villa Crispi. Superior comforts and services, a cosy and welcoming ambiance make it unique, ideal for pleasure or business travellers. The 9 rooms at Villa Crispi, with elegant tasteful furniture and modern carefully selected comforts, comparable to a 3 star hotel in Venice Mestre, guarantee guests the most pleasant stays for pleasure or business. [ ... ]



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