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Santa Severina

Santa Severina
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The city of Santa Severina was founded by the Enotrians, who lived in this region before the Greek colonizers arrived. The antique historians called this place Siberene. Only little is known from the Graeco-Roman period. However, archaeological excavations prove that the Greeks [...]

Santa Severina
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Azienda Agrituristica Le Puzelle Azienda Agrituristica Le Puzelle | Santa Severina | 3 moons   Country inn

Farm Hotel le Puzelle can be found in the "Marchesato" plain, in the province of Crotone, about half a kilometre away from the historical center of Santa Severina, a medieval village known especially for its impressing and wholly preserved castle-fortress. Of [...]

Azienda Agrituristica Le Puzelle
-- map   average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

An enchanting farmhouse a few steps away from the Santa Severina castle 

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Residenza d'Epoca Palazzo Verga (14,8 km) - Cotronei (Hotel)
"Palazzo Verga" at the very moment proposes a hospitality limited to a maximum of eight sleeping places. A restricted quantity allowing us to offer the best to our guests. [ ... ]



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