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Conca dei Marini

Conca dei Marini
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Conca dei Marini is not to far from Amalfi, situated around a little cape called "Capo di Conca". An old story remember that Conca was the warlike "Cossa", Roman allied during the Punic Wars. The town is on the promontory, [...]

Conca dei Marini
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  • Amalfi Coast
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    Locanda degli Agrumi Locanda degli Agrumi | Conca dei Marini | 4 moons   Bed and Breakfast

    The "Locanda degli Agrumi" is located in the Amalfi Coast in the middle of Conca dei Marini , surrounded by century old lemon trees, a typical product of the Amalfi Coast , and the beautiful Amalfi , the heart and jewel [...]

    Locanda degli Agrumi
    -- map   average price per double room: 100 - 150 €

    A fresh charming stay in the Amalfi Coast 

    Rosevilla Rosevilla | Conca dei Marini | 4 moons   Bed and Breakfast

    Amalfi Coast, Conca dei Marini. A work of absorbed art in a masterpiece of nature. A House of enchanting and surprising charm. This " buen retiro ", in which privacy is not an optional, will immediately appear to you as a [...]

    -- map   average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

    An unforgettable stay in a gem part of the Amalfi Coast 

    Casa Divina Casa Divina | Conca dei Marini | 4 moons   Villa - Apartment

    Only 3 Km from the centre of Amalfi, Conca dei Marini is a beautiful and quite location, in the heart of the Amalfi Coast. Casa Divina is located in a panoramic area and both from the garden and the terrace enjoys [...]

    Casa Divina
    -- map   average price per double room: 100 - 150 €

    A marvellous view for your stay on the Amalfi Coast 



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