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Belvė is a small agro-pastoral town in Barbagia, Sardinia, surrounded by splendid woods of walnuts, chestnuts, cherry trees, ilexes and cork-trees, is in dominant position on the fertile valley of the Iscra where many torrents flow. The centre still preserves many [...]

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Phillyrea Hotel Phillyrea Hotel | Belvė | 4 moons   Hotel

The Phillyrea Hotel (3 stars) has welcoming family atmosphere. Situated on the edge of a small village called Belvė in the centre of Sardinian "Barbagia" The Hotel is a modern construction facing the enchanted valley of chestnut and hazel nuts forest, [...]

Phillyrea Hotel
-- map   average price per double room: 60 - 100 €


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Sa Muvara (1,6 km) - Aritzo (Hotel)
Sa Muvara hotel (4 stars) is included in a luxuriant park of 5 hectares, with extremely pure mineral water. Lots of articles dedicated to the Sa Muvara describe the hotel as a paradise inside the park of Gennargentu. It is so described by "Meridiani" of July 2005: "Ninni e Luigi Paba brothers, with their respective wives, direct a prepared and kind staff, paying particular attention both to hospitality and organization of excursions in the territory". The rooms of the hotel are colourful and represent the best local handicraft, with all comforts too. [ ... ]



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