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Lazio preserves important artistic and historic relics which are even older than Rome itself. There are several attractions in this region which you can visit in any season. In Winter, enjoy Winter sports in the mountains. In Summer, take advantage of [...]

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Rewiews written by guests of hotels in Lazio

> QuodLibet, Rome
written on 30/08/2017
P&T | Australia
Second stay at great B and B. Very central to all modes of transport and Gianluca goes out of his way to give as much information re sightseeing and transport as requested. Breakfast is first class.

> QuodLibet, Rome
written on 12/06/2017
Bernard | Italy
Quodlibet in Rome is much more than a B & B; it is more like a boutique guest house. All the rooms are on the fourth floor of an elegant building (with elevator and air-conditioning), so it is quieter than many places. It's location is just a 10-minute walk from the Vatican Museums, and a block...

> New Holiday House, Rome
written on 04/06/2017
Connie | United States
This is a great value near the Vatican. We loved the price, location, and the staff. Thank you!

San Michele a Porta Pia San Michele a Porta Pia | Rome | 3 moons   Bed and Breakfast

An elegant and finely furnished apartment is home to the "San Michele a Porta Pia" bed and breakfast, right in the heart of Rome. The area is very well linked with all the rest of the city and all the main [...]

San Michele a Porta Pia
-- map   average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

A holiday or stay in Rome bewitched by the magical beauty of the Eternal City. 

Art & Relax Suites Art & Relax Suites | Rome | 4 moons   Bed and Breakfast

Welcome to the bed and breakfast "Art & Relax Suites". You have chosen a special and peculiar place to stay in the centre of Rome... just 10 metres away from Termini Railway Station, 5 minutes from the Coliseum, Spanish Steps (3 [...]

Art & Relax Suites
-- map   average price per double room: 150 - 300 €

Fascinating suites in the heart of Rome 

Casa Brunella Casa Brunella | Rome | 3 moons   Villa - Apartment

Casa Brunella is a nice independent apartment in a convenient strategic position in the centre of Rome, just 300 metres from Saint Peter's Square and 200 metres from the Vatican Museums. Casa Brunella is easy to get to, just a few [...]

Casa Brunella
-- map   average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

Independence in a convenient position just a stone's throw from the Vatican 

Federici in Trastevere Federici in Trastevere | Rome | 4 moons   Villa - Apartment

A small charming jewel immersed in the alleys and lanes of the Trastevere area, the most lively and fascinating area in Rome. Here you find the "Federici in Trastevere" independent apartment. As soon as you leave the apartment, you breathe in [...]

Federici in Trastevere
-- map   average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

Stay in Rome surrounded by the life and the relaxation of Trastevere 

Il Trasteverino Il Trasteverino | Rome | 2 moons   Bed and Breakfast

Situated in the heart of Trastevere, one of the most picturesque old quarters of the city, Il Trasteverino B&B allows you to experience the real Roman "soul," which this suggestive angle of Roma has left intact until today. In Trastevere, you [...]

Il Trasteverino
-- map   average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

The pleasure of experiencing the real Roman soul. 

Sweetsuite Sweetsuite | Rome | 4 moons   Villa - Apartment

This apartment is synthesis of comfort and elegance located in one of the most fascinating Rome's areas, close to the main tourist locations, all comfortably reachable by foot, suit of every comforts and of all the technologies that make the modern [...]

-- map   average price per double room: 150 - 300 €

A luxury apartment in the heart of Rome 

Appartamento Vespucci Appartamento Vespucci | Rome | 4 moons   Villa - Apartment

This wonderful and characteristic apartment reflects the atmosphere of the neighbourhood where it is located. Located south of the Aventino hill and on the left bank of the Tiber, Testaccio retains its genuine spirit as opposed to many other areas in [...]

Appartamento Vespucci
-- map   average price per double room: less than 60 €

An apartment to rediscover the characteristic taste or real Rome 

Aceri B&B Aceri B&B | Lanuvio | 3 moons   Bed and Breakfast

Aceri is a nice bed and breakfast located in Lanuvio. The bed and breakfast is nestled among vineyards and olive trees, in the beautiful countryside of the Castelli Romani Nature Park, far away from every kind of pollution. The green [...]

Aceri B&B
-- map   average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

The perfect starting point to discover the beauty of the Castelli Romani area 

Villa degli Oleandri Villa degli Oleandri | Bracciano | 2 moons   Bed and Breakfast

Just 200 metres from the banks of Lake Bracciano and 1 km from enchanting Bracciano town centre, you will find the "Villa degli Oleandri" Bed and Breakfast. The shimmering Lake and the beauty of the town, with its majestic Orsini-Odescalchi Castle [...]

Villa degli Oleandri
-- map   average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

A wonderful lake and history just a stone's throw from Rome. 

Esedra Esedra | Rome | 4 moons   Villa - Apartment

Splendidly located on the top floor of an old building in Via Nazionale, the "Esedra" apartment is a magnificent place to stay. It is perfect in terms of position, light, quiet and comfort. Here, you are staying in the historic and [...]

-- map   average price per double room: 100 - 150 €

Visit to the historic center of Rome - shopping 

Domus Manlii Domus Manlii | Rome | 3 moons   Bed and Breakfast

"Domus Manlii" is located in front of the beautiful dome of St.Peter, a stone's throw from monumental and Baroque Rome. Its strategic location makes it deal for visits to museums and art treasures that make the city a capital of art [...]

Domus Manlii
-- map   average price per double room: less than 60 €

A stone's throw from monumental and Baroque Rome 

Casa Bonaguro Casa Bonaguro | Rome | 4 moons   Villa - Apartment

Casa Bonaguro is a warm and cosy independent apartment located in the heart of Rome. Colours and perfumes play an important role to the guest, who experiences different feelings in every room. Perfect for couples as well as families, it has [...]

Casa Bonaguro
-- map   average price per double room: 100 - 150 €

Luxury, quiet and art in the heart of the eternal city 

La vecchia quercia La vecchia quercia | Magliano Sabina | 3 moons   Bed and Breakfast

Located in Magliano Sabina, "La Vecchia Quercia" offers warm family hospitality following the real B&B formula. The B&B, located on the ground floor of an old recently-restored country house, is not just the ideal place for enjoyable moments among nature but [...]

La vecchia quercia
-- map   average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

A holiday in contact with nature just a few kilometres from Rome 

Villa Residenza d'Arte Villa Residenza d'Arte | Rome | 4 moons   Villa - Apartment

The Residenza d'Arte Rome is a delightful small brick villa started out as the Roman art studio of the famous international artist Anna Izzo and now transformed into a charming dwelling composed of three gorgeous Suites: Matisse, Modigliani and Monet. The [...]

Villa Residenza d'Arte
-- map   average price per double room: 100 - 150 €

A charming dwelling in Rome, a unique experience, a trip through art 

San Pietro Inn San Pietro Inn | Rome | 4 moons   Villa - Apartment

"San Pietro Inn" is an elegant apartment (80 square metres) located on a third floor of a modern building with doorman and elevator. The accommodation is at a few meters only from St. Peter's square, and very close to [...]

San Pietro Inn
-- map   average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

Privacy and comfort for your home "away from home" 

Nazional Rooms Nazional Rooms | Rome | 3 moons   Bed and Breakfast

Nazional Rooms is an elegant bed and breakfast in Via Nazionale in the very heart of Rome. Within a one-kilometre radius, you can find all the beauties of the Italian capital, among which the Colosseum, the Imperial Fora, the Trevi fountain, [...]

Nazional Rooms
-- map   average price per double room: 100 - 150 €

A perfect choice in terms of comfort and location. 

Alla Roma Barocca Alla Roma Barocca | Rome | 4 moons   Villa - Apartment

"Roma Barocca" is a charming apartment located in one of the historical buildings of the city, in the heart of the marvellous Monti district, just a few steps away from the Coliseum, the Imperial Forums, Via Nazionale, Via Panisperna and all [...]

Alla Roma Barocca
-- map   average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

Aristocratic charm in the heart of the Rome centre 

Casa Franci B&B Casa Franci B&B | Rome | 3 moons   Bed and Breakfast

Casa Franci Bed and Breakfast is located in the heart of Rome's tourist centre, just a few steps away from the Vatican City, the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica. What truly distinguishes this B&B from other hotels and Bed & [...]

Casa Franci B&B
-- map   average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

Simplicity and comfort with a view on Saint Peters' Dome 

Praeneste Praeneste | Palestrina | 3 moons   Bed and Breakfast

The "Praeneste" Bed & Breakfast is on a splendid hill with a beautiful and airy panorama. Immersed in green, this is ideal for those who want to spend some time totally relaxing and taking the chance to make enjoyable trips to [...]

-- map   average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

Art and culture, relax, nature 

Pianeta Verde Pianeta Verde | Fiano Romano | 3 moons   Bed and Breakfast

Pianeta Verde is a very pretty bed and breakfast in a three-floor country house immersed in three hectares of wood, vine, olive grove and fruit trees. Rome is very near and easy to get to by car in 20 minutes without [...]

Pianeta Verde
-- map   average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

Gastronomy and wine, art and culture, nature, relax 

Monti Suite Monti Suite | Rome | 4 moons   Villa - Apartment

"Monti Suite" is located in Via Rosmini, right in the heart of the Capital, at just a stone's throw from Santa Maria Maggiore Cathedral and Piazza della Repubblica. The apartment boasts thus a privileged location, just perfect to visit any part [...]

Monti Suite
-- map   average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

Warmth and simplicity in the heart of the city 

Casa Alisa Casa Alisa | Rome | 4 moons   Villa - Apartment

Casa Alisa is a lovely and finely furnished 60 square metres loft located in the residential area of "Balduina", less than one kilometre away from Saint Peter's Cathedral, where you can easily get on foot. Apart from the well known café [...]

Casa Alisa
-- map   average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

Originality and style for a special stay in Rome 

Baldassini B&B Baldassini B&B | Rome | 3 moons   Bed and Breakfast

The Baldassini is a service-oriented B&B located in the heart of Rome, as reviewed by The Guardian. It is just a stone's throw away from the Pantheon and piazza Navona. The Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps are at a 10 [...]

Baldassini B&B
-- map   average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

A B&B ion the very heart of rome 

Quod Quod | Rome | 2 moons   Bed and Breakfast

Quod Bed and Breakfast is the ideal place to stay for those who want to make the most of their stay in Rome. Right beside Saint Peter's Square and the Vatican, it is linked with all local transport services and easy [...]

-- map   average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

Art and Culture in the centre of Rome, Relax 

Zoli B&B Zoli B&B | Rome | 3 moons   Bed and Breakfast

The Massimo Zoli Bed & Breakfast is in a truly enviable position, just 450 metres from Saint Peter's Square and even nearer the entrance to the Vatican Museums and the marvellous Sistine Chapel, recently restored to its old splendour. Here, guests [...]

Zoli B&B
-- map   average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

Art and Culture in the centre of Rome, Relax 

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