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Pretty coasts, surprisingly varied, and nice waters, among the least contaminated in the Mediterranean, make Sicily the ideal destination for tourists looking for the sea. However, you should not miss the great ethnographic and folklore traditions and the many archaeological attractions, [...]

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Rewiews written by guests of hotels in Sicily

> La Casa di Pippinitto, Santa Venerina
written on 04/11/2013
benco | United States
Spent a fantastic 4 days at Pippinitto. The website description is a true depiction of the farm: the terraced farmland, the double sized room we stayed in, the sunny breakfast/common room - a perfect retreat close to Etna and Sicily's east coast. It was more than we expected. Cesare, the owner,...

> Garibaldi Relais, Sciacca
written on 01/10/2013
Raffles | Israel
Great location, reasonable prices plus helpful, friendly service - a winning combination!

> Albergo Esperia, Milazzo
written on 01/10/2013
Raffles | Israel
We cannot remember staying in more charming accommodation - the warm welcome and incredibly helpful lady at the front desk who solved our various problems with warmth and caring was just the beginning! The inn's interior decoration is tasteful, innovative and stunningly attractive and it's patio, a...

Hotel Bougainville Hotel Bougainville | Lipari | 4 moons   Hotel

The newly constructed Hotel Bougainville is located in the Island of Lipari in a privileged position a few hundred metres away from the historical centre, from the commercial port and from the beautiful Bay of Marina Lunga, and is immersed in [...]

Hotel Bougainville
-- map   average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

A charming hotel with a marvellous sea-view in Lipari 

Falconara Charming House & Resort Falconara Charming House & Resort | Butera | 5 moons   Hotel

Falconara Charming House and Resort is an elegant property in a fascinating location facing the sea. Close to the Resort stands the Falconara Castle, built in Norman times to counter to invasion of the Moors. Located on the south eastern coast [...]

Falconara Charming House & Resort
-- map   average price per double room: 100 - 150 €

An extremely charming hotels right on the sea of the southern Sicily 

Albergo Esperia Albergo Esperia | Milazzo | 3 moons | 1 reviews Hotel

Esperia is the only hotel and self-catering by the marvellous beach of the "Tono", a few minutes away from Milazzo town centre. The Tono beach is an ideal seaside resort located in the final part of the Western Riviera. Besides the [...]

Albergo Esperia
-- map reviews average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

An hotel with direct access to the beach in Milazzo, on Tono Beach, Sicily 

Relais Santa Anastasia Relais Santa Anastasia | Castelbuono | 5 moons | 1 reviews Country inn

There's an Abbey on the beautiful hills surrounding Castelbuono where each stone has a piece of history to tell. A history consisting of hard-working and hospitable monks, of long peaceful sunny days, of influential abbots with famous names, a history spanning [...]

Relais Santa Anastasia
-- map reviews average price per double room: 150 - 300 €

Absolute Sicilian beauty: a marvellous place 

Casa Ruffino Casa Ruffino | Balestrate | 4 moons | 1 reviews Bed and Breakfast

Casa Ruffino is a delightful bed & breakfast situated in the centre of Balestrate, a small sea town, not far fromPalermo, famous for its long sandy beaches and crystal clear sea. This luxurious bed & breakfast occupies part of the 19th [...]

Casa Ruffino
-- map reviews average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

A charming, refined bed and breakfast in the centre of Balestrate 

Le Clementine Le Clementine | Mascali | 3 moons   Country inn

Villa Le Clementine is located in an oasis of peace and prosperity in the middle of a 12 hectare citrus orchard on the slopes of Etna, with superb views of the sea that stretches from Catania to Taormina to the coasts [...]

Le Clementine
-- map   average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

An oasis of pease with an enchanting view on the Taormina sea 

Villa Luca Villa Luca | Sant'Agata di Militello | 4 moons | 1 reviews Country inn

The Villa Luca Farm Home is housed in an ancient private mansion, surrounded by green fields and age-old trees, situated in a quiet, panoramic position around 1 km from Sant'Agata di Militello - a renowned sea side resort located in front [...]

Villa Luca
-- map reviews average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

A farm guest house with a panoramic view in Sicily, Sant'Agata di Militello 

Musciara Siracusa Resort Musciara Siracusa Resort | Syracuse | 5 moons   Hotel

Hotel Musciara is a charming Maison within a palazzo dated end of XIXth century, recently restored, result of the work of local skilful craftsmen: bows made of sicilian stones, white painted ceilings, high quality wovens. The only hotel at Syracuse [...]

Musciara Siracusa Resort
-- map   average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

a charming Maison within a palazzo dated end of XIXth century 

Hotel Ristorante La Giara Hotel Ristorante La Giara | Cefal¨ | 3 moons   Hotel

In the heart of the historical centre of Cefal¨, a few metres from the Cathedral and the beach, "La Giara Hotel Restaurant" offers all facilities for an unforgettable holiday. [...]

Hotel Ristorante La Giara
-- map   average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

A hotel in the heart of the Cefal¨ historical centre 

Pietre Nere Resort Pietre Nere Resort | Modica | 5 moons   Hotel

Pietre Nere Resort, which lies on the slopes of the Hyblaean Mountains, at a short distance from the prehistoric settlements of Cava Ispica, represents a pleasant oasis plunged in the peace and quiet of the countryside surrounding Modica, among little pitches [...]

Pietre Nere Resort
-- map   average price per double room: 100 - 150 €

Peace, refinement and care for details in the Modica countryside 

Hotel Letizia Hotel Letizia | Palermo | 4 moons | 1 reviews Hotel

Imagine a hotel that succefully joins gracious hospitality and leading-edge services in such a way that people travelling for both business and pleasure feel at home there. [...]

Hotel Letizia
-- map reviews average price per double room: 100 - 150 €

A small charming hotel in the heart of Palermo, Italy 

Hotel Riva del Sole Hotel Riva del Sole | Cefal¨ | 3 moons   Hotel

The Riva del Sole Hotel is a prestigious and refined hotel, recently completely refurbished, which mixes a harmonious style with a discreet charm, to attain the very highest standards of comfort essential for a relaxing and pleasant holiday. [...]

Hotel Riva del Sole
-- map   average price per double room: 100 - 150 €

Riva del Sole, the Island that truly exists 

Casali di Margello Casali di Margello | San Salvatore di Fitalia | 4 moons   Country inn

Casali di Margelli is surrounded by the typical landscape of the Nebrodi Park, in the Fitalia Valley, a Sicilian area still keeping precious natural treasures. The farmhouse is situated 5 km away from San Salvatore, a small village of antique [...]

Casali di Margello
-- map   average price per double room: 100 - 150 €

An enchanting farmhouse and an ideal location to visit Sicily 

Garibaldi Relais Garibaldi Relais | Sciacca | 4 moons | 1 reviews Bed and Breakfast

Welcome to B & B Hotel Garibaldi in the centre for Sciacca. Located in an exclusive building of late nineteenth century, carefully restored, in the centre of Sciacca, it has the charm of living a discreet and elegant dwelling and the [...]

Garibaldi Relais
-- map reviews average price per double room: 100 - 150 €

Charm and traditional Sicilian hospitality in Sciacca 

Esperidi Park Hotel Esperidi Park Hotel | Castelvetrano | 5 moons   Hotel

The newly-built Esperidi Park Hotel is situated in the territory of Castelvetrano, very near to Selinunte . The Hotel is very near, also, to most important cities of Sicily: Palermo, Mazara, Marsala, Erice, Agrigento. In Selinunte there is the largest archeological [...]

Esperidi Park Hotel
-- map   average price per double room: 100 - 150 €

A charming hotel just a stone's throw away from the Selinunte archaeological site 

Hotel Garzia Hotel Garzia | Castelvetrano | 2 moons | 1 reviews Hotel

Overlooking the sea and located just a few steps from the sandy beach and Selinunte's historical centre, family-run Hotel Garzia offers friendly service and comfortable accommodation throughout the year. [...]

Hotel Garzia
-- map reviews average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

An hotel a few steps from the beach and from the center of Selinunte, Sicily 

B&B Ai Bottai B&B Ai Bottai | Palermo | 3 moons   Bed and Breakfast

B&B Ai Bottai is located in the heart of the city's historical and artistic area between the "Cassaro" and Piazza Marina. The Cassaro, named after Corso Vittorio Emanuele, is considered the most important street of the city, where the nobles built [...]

B&B Ai Bottai
-- map   average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

A special place for your stay in the heart of Palermo 

B&B Castiglia B&B Castiglia | Palermo | 3 moons | 1 reviews Bed and Breakfast

Bed and breakfast Castiglia Palermo is located in Via Gorizia, less than 100m from the central station, our B&B is located within the Palace Rutelli (designed by architect Ernesto Basile). It is a simple and pleasant place to stay due to the [...]

B&B Castiglia
-- map reviews average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

A friendly, simple and pleasant atmosphere in Palermo 

Hotel Villa Favorita Hotel Villa Favorita | Noto | 4 moons   Hotel

With a spectacular view on Noto, Sicily, The Villa Favorita Hotel, from the eighteenth century, keeps its charm and class, typical of the baroque-style, but at the same time the hotel is equipped with all modern comfort. [...]

Hotel Villa Favorita
-- map   average price per double room: 100 - 150 €

A charming 4 stars hotel with a view on Noto and its baroque, Sicily 

Dimora Annulina Dimora Annulina | Palermo | 4 moons   Bed and Breakfast

Situated in an ancient palace, near the Central Station, "Dimora Annulina" is a residence tastefully furnished and provided with every comfort, ideal for a business stay or a holiday in the heart of the town. [...]

Dimora Annulina
-- map   average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

A charming hotel in the centre of Palermo 

Hotel Villa Romeo Hotel Villa Romeo | Catania | 4 moons   Hotel

Hotel Villa Romeo features elegant guest rooms, floral terraces and an internal courtyard; all just a 2-minute walk from the bus and railway station in Catania. [...]

Hotel Villa Romeo
-- map   average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

An elegant hotel in the centre of Catania 

Giogaia Giogaia | Modica | 2 moons   Bed and Breakfast

Giogaia is an hospitable and family run Bed and Breakfast located in southern Sicily among the green Iblei hills. It is only a few kilometers away from the golden beaches of the Mediterranean coast, as well as on the outskirts of [...]

-- map   average price per double room: less than 60 €

The pleasure of Sicilian hospitality 

Hotel A Pinnata Hotel A Pinnata | Lipari | 5 moons   Hotel

The Hotel A Pinnata (4 stars) is situated above the yacht-harbour of Pignataro featuring a fantastic view over the east coast of Lipari, in the Aeolian Islands Archipelago, Sicily. This charming house is tastefully furnished and provided with a big sun [...]

Hotel A Pinnata
-- map   average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

A small luxury hotel in Lipari, Aeolian Islands 

Al Galileo Siciliano Al Galileo Siciliano | Palermo | 3 moons | 1 reviews Bed and Breakfast

Al Galileo Siciliano B&B Is set in a side street of the old Oreto avenue, a famous street which runs along the city from the entrance of the Highway to get to Catania and Messina (at 2 km) to Pellegrino Mountain [...]

Al Galileo Siciliano
-- map reviews average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

Comfort and privacy in a typical district of the Palermo historical centre 

Hotel Mediterranee Hotel Mediterranee | Taormina | 3 moons   Hotel

Established in 1960 and located in a peaceful area of the historic centre of Taormina, just 5 minutes walk away from the famous Corso Umberto, this pleasant hotel features spectacular views over the bay and the volcano Etna. [...]

Hotel Mediterranee
-- map   average price per double room: 100 - 150 €

A 4 stars hotel with a stunning view over Taormina, Sicily 



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