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The city which is home to the famous "Palio" horse race and a historic home to artists, the archetypal art city, Siena is without any doubt one of the nicest cities in all of Italy. It is located right in the [...]

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    Rewiews written by guests of hotels in Siena

    > Fonte dei Tufi, Siena
    written on 17/10/2014
    Clauly | Mexico
    excellent place

    > Antica Fonte Residenza di Siena, Siena
    written on 20/04/2014
    very quaint | United States
    Pleasant place. Owner very gracious. Thought when I booked that a regular breakfast was included, so was somewhat surprised at the cellophane wrapped breakfast items in the room. But after being 25 days on the cruise, we didn't need to eat that much anyway. Nice view of the countryside and glad...

    > Campo Regio Relais Residenza d'Epoca, Siena
    written on 11/02/2014
    Kirfoo | United States
    What a lovely hotel! Attentive and professional staff, beautiful rooms, the best views of Siena,delicious breakfasts - we wanted to stay forever!

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    Fullino Nero Fullino Nero | Siena | 3 moons   Hotel

    Situated in a very good position to enjoy a stay in the Tuscany countryside around Siena (3 Km from the city center), the "Fullino Nero" serviced apartment complex is nestled between olive tree and cypress-covered hills and the ample green area [...]

    Fullino Nero
    -- map   average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

    In the Tuscan countryside just 3 kilometres from the centre of Siena 

    Campo Regio Relais Residenza d'Epoca Campo Regio Relais Residenza d'Epoca | Siena | 4 moons | 1 reviews Hotel

    Campo Regio Relais is located in one of the ancient buildings within the historical centre of Siena. It can be found on Via della Sapienza, one of the main streets of medieval Siena, hosting both the University of Siena and [...]

    Campo Regio Relais Residenza d'Epoca
    -- map reviews average price per double room: 150 - 300 €

    An unquestionably charming relais in the centre of Siena 

    Piccolo Hotel il Palio Piccolo Hotel il Palio | Siena | 3 moons   Hotel

    Piccolo Hotel il Palio is located in the historical centre of Siena, just few minutes walking from Piazza del Campo and the Duomo. The hotel is easy to get to by car, coach and public means of transportation. [...]

    Piccolo Hotel il Palio
    -- map   average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

    Comfort in the centre os Siena 

    Hotel Santa Caterina Hotel Santa Caterina | Siena | 3 moons   Hotel

    Santa Caterina Hotel, a small and comfortable accommodation in the heart of Siena, near Piazza del Campo. The Hotel Santa Caterina in Siena, obtained by transforming an 18th century patrician villa into a small cosy hotel is situated just a few [...]

    Hotel Santa Caterina
    -- map   average price per double room: 100 - 150 €

    The ideal place for a romantic and pleasant stay in Siena 

    Villa Piccola Siena Villa Piccola Siena | Siena | 3 moons   Hotel

    If you want to enjoy a vacation in Tuscany with all the comfort and friendliness for which this land is famous all over the world, choose the new lodge Villa Piccola Siena and you'll find this and much more. New receptive [...]

    Villa Piccola Siena
    -- map   average price per double room: 100 - 150 €

    You relaxing vacation in Siena discovering Tuscany  

    Borgo Grondaie Borgo Grondaie | Siena | 4 moons   Hotel

    The charming Hotel & Apartments Borgo Grondaie, built out of an old Tuscan farm, just two kilometres out of Siena centre, was completely renovated in 2001. Although it's rural and rustic setting, Borgo Grondaie offers guests all the facilities of a [...]

    Borgo Grondaie
    -- map   average price per double room: 100 - 150 €

    Make your holiday in Siena a great experience 



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