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Ca' de Principi Residenza d'Epoca
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Ca' de Principi Residenza d'Epoca

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In the heart of Umbria a Historic Residence in a fascinating town

Ca' de Principi Residenza d'Epoca Piegaro is a village where you can feel the ancient air of history. Passing Porta Romana you will find Palazzo Pallavicini, beautiful 18th century building, residence of the Marquis Pallavicini Principi Romani, owners of all the surrounding area. The Palace, once center of all the agricultural activities of the estate, today still recalls the ancient rooms, the wine cellar, the store rooms for olive oil and grain and the dessicating room.

All wisely transformed into the kitchen and wine bar of the restaurant Mondo Antico. The noblemen's Home over the workrooms, residence of the principi, has been reopened to the travellers and the place has come to life and magnificence again with its beautiful arabesques, with refined and splendid rooms with frescoes of the manieristic school, fascinating Trompe l'oeil and an ancient noblemen's chapel.

The ancient oil store room has been redesigned and has become a concert and congress hall for about 100 persons. The Ca' de Principi composed of suites and rooms, provided with period furniture and ancient fixtures, offers to the interested guest the possibility to live quietly this particular and unique residence.
Ca' de Principi Residenza d'Epoca

Piegaro is a quiet and relaxing village on the top of a green Umbrian hillside you can imagine the place without having seen it before and when you arrive you seen to know it and it has always been there. Passing centuries the village has certainly seen celebrities coming from Perugia or Città della Pieve: hurrying by the inhabitants met Raffaello the great artist, they heard, probably distractedly the praises of Jacopone and the prayers of San Francesco.
Ca' de Principi Residenza d'Epoca

[par4]Hurrying distractedly, we should say because the inhabitants were busy working in the fields like other Peasants as well as in the art of glass making, following the old Phoenicians eredity. Yes, Piegaro has always been and today still is one of the most important centers of the glass industry not only Iin Umbria.
Ca' de Principi Residenza d'Epoca

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Ca' de Principi Residenza d'Epoca

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Via B. Bartolini - 06066 - Piegaro (PG) , Italie

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