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Hotel Italie et Suisse
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Hotel Italie et Suisse

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A nice hotel just 30 metres from the Lake Maggiore, in Stresa

Hotel Italie et Suisse The 3 stars Hotel Italie & Suisse is located in the centre of Stresa, 30 meters from the lake, 10 meters from the parking space and 150 meters from the beach. In front of the Hotel is the landing-stage for all the excursions on the lake. The Hotel is furnished with particular accuracy and elegance. Start here you excursions on the Lake Maggiore and visit Stresa, the nicest and most famous resort on the lake, just in front of Borromean Islands.

Breath this enchanting atmosphere full of history, culture and natural beauty.
Hotel Italie et Suisse

Each room at the Stresa hotel "Italie & Suisse" have private bath-room, telephone and Sat-TV. Most of rooms have balcony. From the balconies you can admire the Borromean Islands and the Alps in the Background. Bar lounge with Sat-TV
Hotel Italie et Suisse

Stay here at the Stresa hotel "Italie & Suisse" and breath this enchanting atmosphere full of history, culture and natural beauty.

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Hotel Italie et Suisse

Hotel in Stresa, Piamonte

Piazza Marconi - 28838 - Stresa (VB) , Italia

Tel. (Italia Lodging © booking office): +39 06 77250543

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