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Albergo il Cortile
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Albergo il Cortile

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An exclusive hospitality and a very personalized service on the Lake Maggiore

Albergo il Cortile On the Lake Maggiore, Italy. An exclusive hospitality: just nine rooms and a very personalized service; that extra something that no 5-stars establishment can offer. Right in the historical centre of the small town of Cannero Riviera "The Perl of Lake Maggiore", always a favourite destination with famous personalities, coming from all over the world, enchanted by its Mediterranean climate and unspoilt scenery, which over the course of centuries has retained its charm

The proposal comes from Arno Sgier, owner of "Il Cortile", a residence for not more than 18 guests who prefer a home-from-home atmosphere as opposed to more "trendy" hotels.
Albergo il Cortile

The setting: an eighteenth century building completely restructured and fitted with period furniture but not forgetting modern day technology.

The service is treated with the greatest attention: instead of a mini-bar, one can choose from the traditional room service or one can make use of areas reserved for the guests. For example a delicious breakfast or brunch in the elegant courtyard or "Cortile".

The restaurant offers the best culinary specialities with pleasant seasonal surprises.
Albergo il Cortile

For those arriving at Cannero from neighbouring Switzerland, il Cortile is found at a quarter of hour from the border

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Albergo il Cortile

Hotel in Cannero Riviera, Piamonte

Massimo d'Azeglio - 28821 - Cannero Riviera (VB) , Italia

Tel. (Italia Lodging © booking office): +39 06 77250543

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