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Villaggio La Francesca
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Villaggio La Francesca

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Unspoiled nature for your stay in the Cinque Terre Area

Villaggio La Francesca The Village "La Francesca" is structure composed of independent apartments situated on Liguria Eastern Riviera, in a protected area (15 hectares rich in trees and flowers typical of the Mediterranean regions) close to the National Park of the Cinque Terre. La Francesca is located in a bay facing the sea with three beautiful little gulfs, between Punta del Carlino and Punta Gone, by the Sea Park of the Cinque Terre. The wild and charming landscape presents geologic characteristics and remarkable rocky beds. It offers the possibility to enjoy a sea holiday far from noise and crowds, in a bay with crystal-clear water, surrounded by gillyflowers and fennel.

Tourists, who nowadays are more and more desirous to find unspoilt places, find in La Francesca the ideal place for a stay in all seasons. There, they can go through old tracks and discover landscapes, scents and natural flavours.

The village is composed of four types of apartments:
Villaggio La Francesca

Type A formed by: Upper bungalows: 7 terraced cottages located in the upper side of the Village (25 sq.m). They face westwards on the mimosas wood - a large, shady and flat area - and eastwards on the Gulf of Levanto; under bungalows. They are situated in the centre of the Village, at the lower floor of two-level cottages (30 sq.m). From the large terrace glances range from the coast to the sea.

Type B: Most of them are one family-houses (40 sq.m), some with a fireplace. They offer privacy and comfort. Located around the play area and along the route to the sea.
Villaggio La Francesca

Type C: Cottages. They are mostly one family-houses, some with a fireplace (50 sq.m). The two bedrooms, the spacious living-room and the terrace make them very comfortable. Situated in the centre of the Village.

Type D: The 3 cottages (60 sq.m), all overlooking the sea, are large and comfortable and have three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The fireplace in the living-room is very appreciated in Winter: the resin-smelling wood gathered in the park spreads all over the cottage a scent that reminds old times. Located in the centre of the Village, on the left side of the route to the sea. They are the ideal for friends' groups who come here for special occasions, for trekking and biking or school tours.
Villaggio La Francesca

La Francesca is a self-sufficient settlement, where you can spend your time with no hurry or constraint. The private route, that from the entrance gate slopes down to the sea, offers beautiful views, but numerous are the footpaths taking to enchanting corners.

You can leave your car in a secure parking area and get anywhere on foot. This is good for adults, but mostly for children, who will be able to move around in complete safety.
Villaggio La Francesca

If you feel like cooking at home, you can find provisions at the minimarket: fresh milk, Ligurian focaccia , vegetables and cheese, all of local production. In Summer, the small bar next to the playground is children and teen-agers' meeting-place for evening activities - always discreet - with the animators

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Villaggio La Francesca

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