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Il Tiglio
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Il Tiglio

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Il Tiglio "Il Tiglio" Bed and Breakfast is immersed among the green outskirts of Domodossola, an old city which saw the arrival of the Romans in the Third Century. The B&B is right along the "wine press and mill" road, along which you can rediscover how the countryside civilisations of times past obtained their sustenance from Mother Earth. The Linden, which triumphs in the big lush garden here, is the symbol of the house, protects the house and will enchant you with its perfumes.

The two guest rooms here are furnished in an alpine style, 100[[[]]%[]] natural wood. Both rooms have en-suite bathrooms, independent heating, air-conditioning and TVs.

Particular attention has been paid to the layout of the common areas, such as the relaxation corner where you can read a nice book dove, the warm and welcoming entrance hall, the relaxing breakfast area and the kitchen, with its nice family atmosphere. In Summer, breakfast may also be served in the lovely garden.

The B&B provides its guests with a private car park, access to the Internet and, on request, a selection of bicycles for getting to know this lovely area when the weather is nice.

"Il Tiglio" is the perfect starting point for visiting all the valleys of the Ossola region and is just a few minutes from Lakes Mergozzo, Maggiore and d'Orta. From here, you can easily visit the Devero Veglia and Val Grande Parks, the Vigezzo Valleys ("Valley of the Painters"), Formazza (Toce Waterfall), Divedro (the Uriezzo gorges), Val Bognanco (a thermal spa swimming pool and springs) and Val Anzasca (Macugnaga Monte Rosa).
Il Tiglio

The B&B is also the perfect starting point for several great Mountain Bike circuits, walks, climbs and so on. A 40 km cycle track leads all the way to Lake Mergozzo. For the more daring, very close by, you can go hand-gliding in pairs.

In Winter, you can go skiing in the Domobianca ski station area, just a fifteen minute drive away (we also provide a shuttle service) from the B&B. Nor is it too far to the ski stations in Ciamporino, Macugnaga, Devero and Formazza.
Il Tiglio

"Il Tiglio" is definitely the right solution for a nice relaxing holiday marked out by nature, peace and quiet and. sport!

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Il Tiglio

Bed and Breakfast in Domodossola, Piamonte

Via Deseno - 28845 - Domodossola (VB) , Italia

Tel. (Italia Lodging © booking office): +39 06 77250543

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