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Borgo di Toppo
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Borgo di Toppo

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Eco-friendly and organic production in this charming country farm in Umbria

Borgo di Toppo In Umbria, in the territory of CittÓ di Castello Borgo di Toppo is a beautifull renaissance village restored with 8 apartments. The organic farm where Borgo stands is composed of about 230 hectares of land with olive trees, grapevines, wheat, alfalfa and a part consisting of woodland especially made of chestunts trees.

In the garden of Borgo made of10 hectares there are two small lakes where you can go fishing and a vegetable garden with all varieties of vegetables from which guests can freely and free to take the vegetables to cook in their apartments.

In our farm we have built a lake for wetland water that uses some types of plants including water lilies, canes and bamboo lake to purify dirty water from drains in the village. The high sustainability of the village is also evidenced by the presence of a photovoltaic plant of 70 kW that provides the electricity needed in the Borgo.
Borgo di Toppo

Our guests have in the apartments environmentally friendly products for cleaning the body (soap and shower gel) and cleaning the dishes, as well as the laundry made available to them should be used only with ecological detergents. There a beautiful swimming pool at disposition of our guests with a wooden floor and a panoramic view of the valley.
Borgo di Toppo

Our farm also produces extra virgin olive oil, wine, honey, corn and chestnuts that can be purchased by guests. The grapes and olives that make our products are grown, harvested, processed and packaged by us in the village where guests can visit our mill and our cellar of which take place within the transformation process of our products
Borgo di Toppo

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Borgo di Toppo

Casa rural in CittÓ di Castello, UmbrÝa

Voc. Toppo, Fraz. Morra - 06010 - CittÓ di Castello (PG) , Italia

Tel. (Italia Lodging © booking office): +39 06 77250543

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