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Relais Villa Baldelli
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Relais Villa Baldelli

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Relais Villa Baldelli "Relais Villa Baldelli", an ancient Seventeenth-Century Villa, has been restructured in an expert manner, which was fundamental to adapt it for its new function as a residence. Both inside and outside, it has maintained its original character: the characteristic well, which is actually in use, supplied by the subsoil ground water, the alleys and lanes, the tress which are perfect for a bit of shade in peace and quiet, the stone slab floors, the walls in the rooms decorated gently with light bucolic frescoes and decorated with old prints and paintings, and the old furniture and canopy beds.

Only the bathroom fittings, highly efficient and restrained in style, including hydro-massage bathtubs, remind guests here of the realities of the third millennium.

Today, "Relais Villa Baldelli" offers 15 rooms, 5 of which are junior suites, 5 deluxe rooms and 5 classical rooms. On the ground floor, the hall, which is especially original due to its ornaments created from elements of Seventeenth-Century altars, gives access to the Relaxation Room, full of sofas and tables. The ground floor also offers guests here a Corner Bar and the Breakfast Room, in which an old "pietra serena" stone fireplace stands out, reminding you of the fine history of the Villa.
Relais Villa Baldelli

In your free time, then, outside "Relais Villa Baldelli" there is a swimming pool (18 x 9 m), a golf course and various itineraries for walks, horse-riding or mountain biking.

Relais Villa Baldelli will be a nice and surprising discovery: it is immersed in silence and surrounded by the peace and quiet of friendly nature despite being quite close to towns and roads. Looking upwards, then, you will be treated to nice roofs, bell towers and towers, all sloping gently towards the west, making it all seem like a painting suspended from a piece of the sky: this is Cortona, the oldest city in Italy, a town which enchanted the American writer Henry James, who included Cortona in his tales. Cortona has an enchanting story to tell visitors, full of prestige and mythology, a story populated with the divinities who founded the town and lived there (Jupiter, Electra, Dardanus) and the heroes who were buried here (Ulysses, Pythagoras).

Cortona can be reached from Relais Villa Baldelli in just a few minutes and is one of the most characteristic towns in Tuscany. It stands out because of its enchanting nature, its works of art and archaeological exhibits in its two fine Museums, the fact that it appears like a town lost in time, its old Etruscan walls, the Medieval roads and houses, the Renaissance buildings and its good-natured and multilingual people who fill the squares, and, of course, the delights of a varied and wonderful cuisine.
Relais Villa Baldelli

The privileged position of Cortona allows visitors here at Relais Villa Baldelli to visit other cities of major historic and artistic interest. You can go on day trips to Florence (85 km away), Siena (70 km), Arezzo (20 km) and Perugia (55 km).

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Relais Villa Baldelli

Hotel in Cortona, Toscana

Loc. San Pietro a Cegliolo, 420 - 52044 - Cortona (AR) , Italia

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