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Vecchio Borgo di Inalbi
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Vecchio Borgo di Inalbi

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Charm, wonderful views, food and wine a few steps from the center of Florence

Vecchio Borgo di Inalbi Set among the olive trees and vineyards of the enchanting Florentine hills, at 13 Kilometres from the historical centre of Florence, this farmhouse holiday centre is provided with two swimming pools. A beautiful Jacuzzi, on the open air, is available for all our guests.

The old Borgo Inalbi is composed of a group of ancient country houses which have been renovated with full respect for age-old Tuscan achitectural traditions, maintaining the visible ceiling beams and baked tile floors, while the furnishings elegantly mirror the traditional style. Central heating ensures that you stay is pleasurable even in the colder months of the year.
Vecchio Borgo di Inalbi

Inalbi name derive from latin "in albis" that mean in white. That's named the second Sunday after Easter. In the past, in this area was situated an old chapel for a special religious ceremony, on "In Albis" Sunday.
Vecchio Borgo di Inalbi

Since 1970 our farm produce and sell extra virgin olive oil and Chianti wine. We run directly the farm respecting the Tuscan traditions and favouring the quality of our products.
Vecchio Borgo di Inalbi

The farm Inalbi is placed among the hills near Florence and has 50 hectares: 20 hectares of vineyards of Chianti's wine DOCG, IGT, 25 hectares of olive trees et 5 hectares of pine forests.
Vecchio Borgo di Inalbi

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Vecchio Borgo di Inalbi

Casa rural in Impruneta, Toscana

via delle terre bianche - 50023 - Impruneta (FI) , Italia

Tel. (Italia Lodging © booking office): +39 06 77250543

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