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Tornabuoni Le Petite Suite
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Tornabuoni Le Petite Suite

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A charming bed and breakfast in Florence, in the historic centre

Tornabuoni Le Petite Suite "Tornabuoni La petite suite" is a new and confortable building located in the historical centre of Florence, in via Tornabuoni the most important shopping street in town. You will find all cultural, artistic and entertainment attractions just around the corner, and also typical restaurants, handicraft shops, local markets, traditional cinemas and thetres.

"Tornabuoni La petite suite" is the ideal accomodation for all those, who are looking for a pleasant and luxurious environment in Florence with privacy, comfort and independency.

"Tornabuoni La petite suite" offers the same facilities of a hotel, but has a more pleasant and private atmosphere.
Tornabuoni Le Petite Suite

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Tornabuoni Le Petite Suite

Bed and Breakfast in Florencia, Toscana

Via Rondinelli - 50123 - Florencia (FI) , Italia

Tel. (Italia Lodging © booking office): +39 06 77250543

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