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Bed and Breakfast, Campania, Italia, Ercolano
Le Fumarole
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Le Fumarole

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A magical atmosphere in the wonderful setting of Ercolano

Le Fumarole An exclusive Residences that comes from living heart of Vesuvius. A path built in volcanic rock, suspended in the air, in a unique location between mountains and sea. Look around : your heart stops ...The stunning Gulf of Naples and its islands - a breathtaking view. And immediately behind you 1,200 square meters of garden, the result of the succession of lava flows over the centuries, inhabited by beautiful native trees, especially olive trees, which envelop the entire extent of the Villa.

The silence here becomes magic: if you want to watch the swaying of the gorse in bloom and hear the flow of your thoughts, then reach the The Terrace of Olive Trees. A terrace was suspended in a vacuum, from which the sea, the sky and the entire Gulf of Naples and its cities are sovereign.

All this, however, do not deprive of goof off life and moments of pure fun. The dwelling is located, in fact, in a "strategic" halfway between the center of the city of Naples and the Amalfi Coast. Not only that, the same city of Herculaneum, Pompeii and all the others around offers opportunities for meetings and social life. The shopping enthusiasts can not miss a visit to the city known for working of coral, cameos and mother of pearl, Torre del Greco.
Le Fumarole

For those who love the immersions in nature are organized rides on extensive lava flows overlooking the sea, along lunar landscape to find themselves in very thick forest. Those who love the sea instead, can enjoy Sailingboat trips along the Gulf of Naples; sports enthusiasts may also, for free, participate to races organized by the Navy League of Torre del Greco.

For the ones who love taking care of their body can take advantage of a beauty farm and a sports center located within walking distance from the property The atmosphere is informal, artistic and full of charm. Here nature is the host of the house; stone, wood, brick, wrought iron and lava stone worked by old stone-cutters are primordial elements for the adorment of this mansion.
Le Fumarole

A highlight of this structure are the rooms. There are places that tells a story: anyone with its own history, its scenery, with its panorama.

The dwelling takes care of you from the moment you arrive to the day of your departure.
Le Fumarole

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Le Fumarole

Bed and Breakfast in Ercolano, Campania

Via San Vito - 80056 - Ercolano (NA) , Italia

Tel. (Italia Lodging © booking office): +39 06 77250543

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