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Bed and Breakfast, Monferrato, Piamonte, Italia, Vaglio Serra
Casa Isabella
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Casa Isabella

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A quiet and merry house in the enchanting Monferrato landscape

Casa Isabella Our house is an old, refurbished farmhouse, built on the crest of a hill, in the midst of vineyards and woods. It is in Piemonte, in the village of Vaglio Serra, in the southernmost tip of Monferrato, on the borders of the Langhe Valleys. It is a quiet but cheerful place. The surroundings abound in charming landscapes, cultural attractions, the possibility to enjoy numerous outdoor sports, excellent food and wine.

For all these reasons and because we want others to share our enthusiasm, it seemed natural to open Casa Isabella to our guests. Casa Isabella is dedicated to Isabella Barattieri di San Pietro.

Our house is on a small knoll on the crest of one of the innumerable hills of this area. Before the house, to the south, lies a beautiful valley covered in vineyards; to the rear, the north, there are thick woodlands.

Take advantage, as we love to do, of both sides of Casa Isabella: enjoy lazing and gazing at the restful rows of vines in the sunshine, or set off in the opposite direction in the shade of the dense woodlands of the Natural Reserve of the Val Sarmassa. In both cases you, like us, will appreciate the silence, or rather the noises of the countryside: the crickets, the grasshoppers, the birds, a tractor in the vineyards, the occasional car.
Casa Isabella

Enjoying traditional cooking means eating foods that are normally cooked at home on a daily basis and dishes that, thanks to the more elaborate preparation, are only prepared on special occasions. These dishes varied from family to family and some of them, as is only right, have evolved as families united and the years passed.

The cuisine that we intend to offer you is traditional for our family. As an introduction, we will be pleased to offer you, according to your wishes and the hour, an aperitif, tea or high tea on your arrival. At any time during your stay, just let us know if you are hungry or thirsty between meals. Our pantry and our wine cellar are open to you: a sample of salami or cheese, a cup of tea, a cold drink, a glass of wine, a snack of crudités from our kitchen garden can all be enjoyed wherever you like.
Casa Isabella

According to the season, breakfasts and dinners will be served in the shade of a tree or in the sunshine on the edge of the swimming pool, or in the house, before the fire.

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Casa Isabella

Bed and Breakfast in Vaglio Serra, Piamonte

Via La Pietra - 14049 - Vaglio Serra (AT) , Italia

Tel. (Italia Lodging © booking office): +39 06 77250543

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