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Villa Nuba
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Villa Nuba

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A historic farmhouse dating back to the 1400s just outside Perugia

Villa Nuba We are the owners of a historic farmhouse dating back to the 1400s, built on Colle Giorgio, a hill just outside Perugia. Located in open countryside, but a mere stone's throw from the historic centre of the city, it was converted into a family villa in the 1970s.During 2001-2002, the building has once again been refurbished and remodelled into three sumptious apartments, which are intended for families wishing to spend brief holiday periods in Umbria.

We believe that we are offering something that has been missing in central Italy: not your average farm holiday accommodation, nor an uninspiring flat, but a luxurious apartment in a villa in which the owners themselves reside, amid elegance, comfort and tradition, and accompanied by warm, friendly, family hospitality.
Villa Nuba

The charming Villa Nuba apartments, a home away from home! The charming Villa Nuba apartments, the sole quality vacation rentals directly by the owners in the green heart of Italy
Villa Nuba

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Villa Nuba

Villas - Apartamentos in Perugia, Umbría

Str. Eugubina, 70 - 06125 - Perugia (PG) , Italia

Tel. (Italia Lodging © booking office): +39 06 77250543

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