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Bed and Breakfast, Cilento, Campania, Italia, Postiglione
Casale Acqua del Fico
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Casale Acqua del Fico

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An extremely fascinating stay in an untouched area

Casale Acqua del Fico At the feet of the Alburni massif, plunged in a centuries old olive grove and surrounded by woods of oaks and durmasts, the Casale Acqua del Fico, looks out to the plain of the rivers Sele and Calore among the lovely perfumes of the wild brooms and the tender smells of the Mediterranean scrub. In the distance, the amazing setting of the Amalfi coast and the island of Capri stands out against the background of the sea. The farmhouse was restored respecting its original character, salvaging the ancient stonewalls and any other feature that could tell the story of the building.

All the rooms, decorated with stylish taste and with a peaceful and comfortable feel, have a panoramic view and all have an en-suite bathroom with shower. In the summertime, a hearty and tasty breakfast is served on the terrace with its scenic views. The estate offers several spots of sheer tranquillity, where guests can experience complete peace, reading, sipping a drink. or simply enjoying the vista
Casale Acqua del Fico

From the Casale Acqua del Fico several sites of relevant archaeological, natural and cultural interest are easily accessible, such as: the Amalfi Coast, the archaeological site of Paestum, the ancient city of Volcei, the Carthusian monastery of Padula, the caves of Pertosa and Castelcivita, the WWF reserve of Persano, and several itineraries in the beautiful woods of the Alburni.
Casale Acqua del Fico

For hikers, a trip to the sources of the rivers Auso and Sammaro, the river Felitto gorge, and the peak of mount Cervialto, the highest mountain in Campania, is a must. A cluster of small villages rich in art, history wine and culinary traditions represent a further tasty find.

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Casale Acqua del Fico

Bed and Breakfast in Postiglione, Campania

Loc Acqua del fico - 84026 - Postiglione (SA) , Italia

Tel. (Italia Lodging © booking office): +39 06 77250543

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