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Hotel, Cerdeña, Italia, Bari Sardo
Baja Azzurra
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Baja Azzurra

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A welcoming family run hotel close to the bay of Barisardo

Baja Azzurra Our hotel, which lies in the middle of a typical Mediterranean countryside, is surrounded by a beautiful garden. It is only 220 metres far from the charming bay of Barisardo. It is a classical family hotel so we may better pay attention to the needs of our guests. The hotel, recently built, is made of 24 sunny and large bedrooms. Some of them have a balcony. They are all furnished with particular care. They are also provided with air conditioning, telephone, satellite television. Every bedroom is equipped with a bathroom in which there is a shower and a hair dryer

Inside the hotel area there is a restaurant, a pizzeria, a coffee bar, a tennis court, an outdoor swimming pool with hydro massage both for adults and for children, a playground, a garden, and an indoor car-parking. It is also possible to go riding, to rent a car a bike and to listen to living music.
Baja Azzurra

Our cooking is various: our guests may taste both traditional local food and national and international dishes, which go well whit the best local wines.
Baja Azzurra

We are in the centre of the Sardinian east coast at 4 kilometres from the village of Barisardo, 13 kms from the airport of Tortolì and at 15 kms from the pot of Arbatax.(Thefirst one is from Cea beach, while the second one from the Tower Beach). The tower beach is only 220 metres far from our hotel. It is a very large bay limited by a tower of Saracen origin in the south and by a huge volcanic tableland in the north. The are also nearby other beaches, which are less known but equally beautiful and quiet.
Baja Azzurra

The Ogliastra named as the island inside the island for its millenary isolation is a region of beautiful and uncontaminated sandy beaches, of wild and suggesting landscapes, where evergreen trees and shrubs give off strong and sharp smells. So the places visited as well as the friendship of the local people will always be in your memories enticing you to return.

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Baja Azzurra

Hotel in Bari Sardo, Cerdeña

Loc Torre di Bari' - 08042 - Bari Sardo (OG) , Italia

Tel. (Italia Lodging © booking office): +39 06 77250543

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