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Country inn, Tuscany, Italy, Monteroni d'Arbia
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Agriturismo San Fabiano
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Agriturismo San Fabiano

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A wonderful farm guest house part of a Tuscan country estate

Agriturismo San Fabiano: Location features

Location: Monteroni d'Arbia, Tuscany

Part of the following areas:


Contatta Linea

Agriturismo San Fabiano: features linked to the quality / rate ratio

Type: Country inn

Italia Lodging ® internal classification: 4 Moons

Agriturismo San Fabiano is also classified as:

Official category: not available for this type of accommodation

Average rate for 2 persons per night: 60 - 100 € [see detailed rate table]


Total number of apartments / rooms: 0


Agriturismo San Fabiano: Accommodation facilities

Agriturismo San Fabiano: kind of accommodation offered:


Agriturismo San Fabiano: Reservation policies

Booking Agriturismo San Fabiano through Italia Lodging is free of charge. Italia Lodging is not going to charge you any commission for its services. The reservation can be confirmed once you have made a request and received an availability notice directly from the hotel. In order to definitively confirm the reservation the hotel can request a deposit (according to the period requested, the number of nights etc.) which can be paid by credit card or bank money transfer, The total amount of the deposit will be notified before the definitive booking confirmation procedure. Italia Lodging guarantees on behalf of the hotel the highest security level during the transmission of your data encrypting the transactions through secure server with extended validation certified by Verisign. Any amendment or cancellation must be notified by e-mail/fax directly to the hotel. Deposits paid are not refundable. We would also like to inform you that using the Italia Lodging on-line reservation system you are dealing with the accommodation provider directly and that the Italia Lodging task is to make your reservation procedure easier and safer.


Agriturismo San Fabiano: Cancellation policy and penalties

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Agriturismo San Fabiano

Country inn in Monteroni d'Arbia, Tuscany

Vias san Martino - 53014 - Monteroni d'Arbia (SI) , Italy

Tel. (Italia Lodging © booking office): +39 06 77250543

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