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Hotel Fonte Cesia
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Hotel Fonte Cesia

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A four stars hotel in the heart of Todi, Umbria

Hotel Fonte Cesia: reviews and guests' comments

Jim & Sharon from United States posted this comment about Hotel Fonte Cesia on 15/04/2011

Score: Punteggio 9 9/10

Period of stay: April, 2011
REVIEW: As so many before us, we fell in love with Todi, and Hotel Fonte Cesia was in the heart of it, and in more than just location. This hotel has earned its four-star rating. It was professionally run, clean and comfortable. Moreso, it was beautiful. The public rooms and stairs retained their ancient arches and brickwork, but were comfortably appointed. Artwork, including paintings, were not only tastfeul chosen, but also lovely. A bar and lounge with small tables occupied one open room. Another had a sitting lounge for TV, reading, or getting together with friends and guests. We felt comfortable in each without feeling closed in at all. Although it is not oversized for the city and it's nearby buildings, the Hotel's size and location allows views of two piazzas. As befitting its mountaintop location, Todi is a city of stairs and steep, narrow, but quiet, streets. As you explore and shop, you'll appreciate the hotel's central location. Thankfully, it is two blocks away from the rather busy and more touristy Piazza del Polulo. The guest rooms were on three floors accessible by elevator, but the open stairs which wrap arount the elevator were inviting. Our room on the third floor was modest in size with a king (two twins joined) bed and end tables. There were two chairs, but comfort apparently wasn't their purpose. After a day of stair climbing, we could have appreciated more seating comfort. The desk was large enough, but it was shared with a TV and well disguised, adequately-stocked refrigerator. There is an old-style drawer safein the spacious closet, but you'll have to get a key from the front desk to use it. The bathroom was plenty big, with toilet and bidet placed around the corner. As with sink and toilet, the shower had very good modern plumbing. However, the enclosure was stingy with a difficult corner opening, made worse by sliding doors that wouldn't stay on track. Breakfast was self service except for coffee, but the staff quickly provided your choice of hot beverage. The selection quite large and tasty. You won't find the toasters, grills, warmers, and microwaves that typically clutter American hotel breakfast bars. The breakfast area was in another beautiful ground floor room adjacent to the hotel's restaurant. It probably serves as an overflow room for the very nice looking restaurant. Because we were visiting our family, and they included five grandchildren aged 9 to 15, we chose to eat at other restaurants. Thus, we can't offer comments on the hotel restaurant, other than how beautiful it was. Although the hotel has a wireless network it was provided by a commercial phone company. I don't know whether it was free, because the company chose to use a type of pop-up that Apple (iPad) has rejected. Fortunately, the hotel provided two laptops in the lounge for public use. The minimal network and email access I needed during my visit was adequately provided by those. Italian will be appreciated as you talk with the staff, although several could understand enough German, French, or English to meet your necessities. Room service was efficient, even making beds again after siesta, but we didn't see service carts or personnel in the halls. Apparently your key card, which also powers your room utilities, lets the desk know when your room is vacant.
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Hotel Fonte Cesia

Hotel in Todi, Umbria

Via Leonj - 06059 - Todi (PG) , Italy

Tel. (Italia Lodging © booking office): +39 06 77250543

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