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Bed and Breakfast, Amalfi Coast, Campania, Italy, Conca dei Marini
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An unforgettable stay in a gem part of the Amalfi Coast

photo Rosevilla Amalfi Coast, Conca dei Marini. A work of absorbed art in a masterpiece of nature. A House of enchanting and surprising charm. This " buen retiro ", in which privacy is not an optional, will immediately appear to you as a well guarded secret. Here you can discover the calls by the east and the warm atmospheres from the Mediterranean. Here hospitality has its precise way to be. Here you can enjoy thanks to big attentions and small pleasures. You can be in idleness, pursue thoughts you haven't planned, listen to the silence, go out of the society. People is distant. This place is yours, only yours. Enjoy yourself!

Rosevilla can be distinguished for the characteristic Mediterranean architecture, happily preserved by the time. Vault ceilings, arcs and arcades exploit the environments. An intimate and pleasant place, in which all the details are taken care of with the attention that is born from the passion.The passion of an earth in which hospitality is an art. Ample and bright spaces, with all the comforts to let every guest feel completely to their ease.
photo Rosevilla

The stone, the Vietri's ceramic and the wood for furniture are the sign of a tradition that doesn't give up conveniences. The elegance that can hide will surprise you, as a precious jewel in an ancient coffer, between the boundaries of a Hamlet.

There is no place in which the colours resplendent so different and clear as in the Amalfi Coast, that is an elegant destination of prestigious visitors since the past. Set as inimitable gems in a precious diadem, the towns, disseminated on the coast, capture every tourist.

Here all is a symbol: the earth rich of citrus fruits, the sea with the most unbelievable tonalities of blue and green, the suggestive beaches, the small islands, the agglomerations of white, pink and yellow cottages around to minuscule docks. Its charm is not only in the places, but also in the history that left big testimonies in the art: churches, villas and monasteries are beautiful here.
photo Rosevilla

All this, united to the tallest level of the receptive structures and to a gastronomy done of simple but intense tastes, offer to the tourist an unforgettable holiday.

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Bed and Breakfast in Conca dei Marini, Campania

Via Umberto I - 84010 - Conca dei Marini (SA) , Italy

Tel. (Italia Lodging © booking office): +39 06 77250543

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