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Country inn, Sardinia, Italy, Alghero
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Agriturismo i Vigneti
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Agriturismo i Vigneti

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Experience Sardinia. A real country farm in Alghero

photo Agriturismo i Vigneti A few kilometres from Alghero, in Sardinia. The unspoilt countryside and the nature surrounding our farm hotel gives it a particular atmosphere, difficult to describe. A sensation of total relaxation is the inevitable consequence to whom decides to come here to try or to rediscover sensations unknown to most. The only way to ensure that all of this corresponds to truth is to come and verify in person. Those who have done it so far, have not been able to give up and they have repeated the experience a few times and this is our biggest satisfaction

Our welcome comes from a family that believes in the most authentic values and lives in harmony with their surroundings. Respect for people and things, respect for work and nature gives you the awareness of living in a healthy way. The mix of all these factors is capable to incredibly prolong the pleasure of those who come here to spend some time, and to relax even the most tense nerves. We will always try to give you the best we have.

All we have described you so far finds its conclusion in what we call the night area. You will be staying in comfortable rooms with private facilities, air conditioning, TV and a little veranda on our park.
photo Agriturismo i Vigneti

The services offered to our staying in guest had to keep in line with our principles therefore all the constructions in our farm hotel have been built following principles of bio architecture.

Our farm is of 10 ha and the characteristics of the soil make it ideal for the production of wine, fruits and vegetables of high quality. The goodness of our produce is not limited to their unmistakable flavours and perfume, a careful organic management of the farm makes them also healthy and during your visits is possible to try and purchase it in our farm shop. Always in the name of nature and health of our produce, the livestock is also bred following organic methods.

The simple recipes and the tasty dishes bring on the table all we have produced respecting nature. Therefore the flavours you will taste are strong and gentle but always authentic, rich of perfumes and substance. Exactly as the countryside surrounding us, that alternates smooth hills to rock picks, fertile land to arid extensions.
photo Agriturismo i Vigneti

The country Farm "I Vigneti" is a real experience: a possibility to live Sardinia from inside.

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Agriturismo i Vigneti

Country inn in Alghero, Sardinia

Santa Caterina - 07041 - Alghero (SS) , Italy

Tel. (Italia Lodging © booking office): +39 06 77250543

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