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Atelier sul mare
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Atelier sul mare

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Be part of a work of art in this unique hotel

photo Atelier sul mare Atelier sul mare is a unique hotel just few meters from a wonderful sea, situated Castel di Tusa (Me), near Cefal¨ . It warmly hosts its guests and conquered them with its silence, its sunsets, and the masterpieces of the most important international artists. The Atelier sul Mare is a museum-hotel of contemporary art unprecedented in the world: it was conceived and built on the coast between Messina and Palermo, in one of Sicily's most charming bays.

The hotel is a three-storey building: Mediterranean style, white-washed fašade, elegant hall, 40 rooms opening up onto wide corridors, where wall stones shaped by time give way to natural sculptures; 100 beds, large terraces full of flowers overlooking the sea.
photo Atelier sul mare

In the restaurant hall, not only will you taste genuine traditional receipts, but you will also enjoy an aesthetic contemplation of a vast array of international art exhibitions. In a cosy beach bar in front of the hotel you will taste excellent colourful cocktails, while experiencing a sea of emotions.

Antonio Presti eccentric and positively extravagant maecenas has always striven to an "elevate and alternative" art. His utopian dream has now come true: he has fully revolutionised the traditional function of a hotel room, thereby bestowing it a brand new dimension: "the dream of art".

The room itself becomes a work of art, is re-shaped by its artist in form, colours, materials. For the very first time, the artist puts his/her work at the guest's disposal, in order to awaken his/her emotions and meditations: "the journey of spirit". Only after entering and living in a room, the work of art will be fulfilled. Your presence and use of the room will be a vital, essential element.
photo Atelier sul mare

Isn't Italy universally considered the cradle of art, with all its world-famous museums, where magnificent works of art are displayed (and sometimes even huddled up in basements?). Haven't landscapes enchanted tourists and conquerors from time immemorial? Then, why not combine both elements and really enjoy art, while experiencing all the emotions conveyed by "the journey of astonishment?"

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Atelier sul mare

Hotel in Castel di Tusa, Sicily

Via Cesare Battisti - 98070 - Castel di Tusa (ME) , Italy

Tel. (Italia Lodging © booking office): +39 06 77250543

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