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Mulino del Gabbione
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Mulino del Gabbione

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Where you can relive the atmosphere of the past in the heart of the Tuscan Apennines

photo Mulino del Gabbione Right in the heart of the Tuscan Apennines, "Mulino del Gabbione" is a fascinating combination of nature and literature, and is rich with stories of fantastic characters and animals, as if from the pages of the Brothers Grimm. The building has been created out of an old mill built in 960 AD along the "La Bure" stream, in the province of Pistoia, and has recently been completely restructured with. The walls, windows, doors and exteriors are, however, still those of 1000 years ago, when the "Gabion" started to transform chestnuts into flour.

Within the old Mill complex, there are 4 double rooms: The Rose Rome, which has a private en-suite bathroom, the Bishop's Room, linked to its own private bathroom, on a different level, by a corridor, and the Abbot's Room, which shares a bathroom with the Aunts' Room (with separate beds).

In addition, to complete the original hospitality of the complex, there are two apartments: the "Mill Pond", which consists of a large kitchen where you can dine, a large living room with two single sofa beds and a large master bedroom with bathroom and nice veranda, plus the "Old Wine Cellar", a one-room apartment with double sofa bed, a very original mini-kitchen, and a lovely bathroom created using large barrels and a nice bathtub. Both apartments have satellite television and private telephones.

Breakfast here is served in a romantic and evanescent old round glasshouse, immersed in a stunning natural context surrounded by an original collection of ortensias and lilacs, accompanied by the pleasant sound of the water of the several streams passing through the garden, creating lakes populated by trout and water plants.
photo Mulino del Gabbione

The old mill pond, which runs along between the veranda and the escarpment, once used a reservoir for driving the grinders, has become a swimming pool, where you can relax your heart away when the weather is nice.

In Winter, or when you're better off indoors, why not wander among the very old and small rooms set up as living rooms for reading and relaxing? Passing through the old kitchen, where large brass pots dominate the hood of the old fireplace and the wooden stove, you get to the pretty grinder room now used for eating, dominated by a monolithic fireplace, nearly always lit.

The mill, as well as being used for producing chestnut flour, was also used for pressing olive oil and walnut oil, the same walnuts used, by grinding the hulls in alcohol on Saint Peter's and Saint Paul's Day, to make "nocino" walnut liquor. The production of this fine liquor still continues now in this farm. And the agricultural practises have not just been reintroduced; they have been developed: leading to a stunning collection of ortensias. And we are now working on similar collections of lilacs, peonies and camellias.

The "Mulino", just 13 km from Pistoia city centre and 56 km from Florence, is ideal for daily visits to all the Tuscan cities of art and for trips to the sea (Versilia) or the mountains (Abetone and Cimone) .
photo Mulino del Gabbione

"Il Mulino del Gabbione", then, gives you the chance to step back into the past and taste and experience the Tuscany of the past, with all mod cons guaranteed, too.

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Mulino del Gabbione

Bed and Breakfast in Pistoia, Tuscany

localitÓ Baggio - 51030 - Pistoia (PT) , Italy

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