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Le Querciole Agriturismo
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Le Querciole Agriturismo

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A farm guest house in Tuscany, immersed in the beauty of this countryside

photo Le Querciole Agriturismo Following the road of Montaione in the direction of Santo Stefano you will find the "crete", hills of clay or as they are called here: "mattaione". They are washed by the rain, nude or almost, only in the valleys grows some broom and hawthorne. The moonlike landscape is interrupted only by pasturing sheep and by the flight of the magpies. Then, suddenly, the landscape changes; the soil becomes tufaceous, fresh, fertile. Vineyards are neetly ligned upcovering the round hills and olive trees are to be found, too, which render the best olive oil a connoisseur could desire: here, in this green paradise, we find "Le Querciole".

Since many years they offer now tranquillity and outdoor life to guests who seek more than just the wonderful tuscan landscape.

Come visit us for a better understanding of the magic of this small part of Tuscany, rich of history, of splendid views, with its forrest of oak trees where in autumn one can smell the scent of mushrooms and listen to the falling of the chestnuts.
photo Le Querciole Agriturismo

Here you are so close to nature that you become one zith nature and you will surely notice the special kind of atmosphere that reigns in these parts.

You will have a very special holiday, jumping into the swimming pool, walking along side the estate, enjoying the games, music and dances in the park, far from the noisy life in the city.
photo Le Querciole Agriturismo

Gloria and Enrico will welcome you together with the rest of the personnel with sympathy and in a friendly atmosphere.

See you soon.
photo Le Querciole Agriturismo

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Le Querciole Agriturismo

Country inn in Montaione, Tuscany

Via Santo Stefano - 50050 - Montaione (FI) , Italy

Tel. (Italia Lodging © booking office): +39 06 77250543

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