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Dei Papi
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Dei Papi

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Take a dive into the Middle Ages as you stay in a charming historic home

photo Dei Papi Right in the heart of Viterbo, right beside the famous "Colle del Duomo" (Cathedral Hill), home to the "Papal Palace" and the San Pellegrino District, you will find the "Dei Papi" Bed and Breakfast, a lovely characteristic Fourteenth-Century building which once belonged to the noble Tignosi family. This place, a fulcrum of the public, political and religious life of the past, is surrounded by some of the amazing and well-known medieval artistic treasures for which the city is rightly famous: elegant buildings, austere towers, historic churches, Thirteenth-Century squares and gushing fountains, all reminders of times past just waiting to tell their stories and legends teeming with mystery and charm.

The bed and breakfast building has three levels. There are three B&B rooms, with bathrooms and a large suite with rooms boasting huge stone fireplaces which immerse guests here in a serene and welcoming family atmosphere. The interiors are elegant and faithfully based on the ancient model, reminding visitors of the charming old traditions, paying testimony to the fascinating past of this noble and stunning papal city.

Just beside the Bed and Breakfast you will find "Piazza del Duomo" (just 100 metres away) and its famous Papal Palace from the Thirteenth-Century, as well as the San Pellegrino District with its picturesque alleys and lanes and Patrician buildings with austere towers which faithfully retain a lovely image of this Thirteenth-Century city.
photo Dei Papi

Come here and relive the medieval charm of Viterbo in a charming environment: enjoy all mod cons in a charming historic home.

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Dei Papi

Bed and Breakfast in Viterbo, Lazio

Via del ginnasio 8 - 01100 - Viterbo (VT) , Italy

Tel. (Italia Lodging © booking office): +39 06 77250543

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