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Relais Villa d'Assio
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Relais Villa d'Assio

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Offering charm, wonderful scenery, the perfect position and history for a great holiday

photo Relais Villa d'Assio The "Relais Villa d'Assio" Hotel, a 4-star Hotel opened very recently, is located in a peaceful position in the splendid characteristic local countryside, based around the old traces of the superb Villa of the Roman Senator Quintus Axius dating back to the First Century BC. In the background, then, you have the Terminillo mountains and Lake Piediluco is also real near. The Relais Villa D'Assio Hotel is the result of meticulous restructuring of an old Eighteenth-Century town building, where nothing of the original structure has been eliminated, thanks to scrupulous re-use of the same materials as those used in times past.

The Hotel offers 40 rooms and suites, an air-conditioned restaurant, an American bar, a congress room, a car park, a magnificent park, mountain bikes, an open-air swimming pool (open from 30.05 to 30.09) and a solarium and nearby you can go horse-riding, paragliding, sailing and fishing.

The perfect strategic position of the Relais Hotel, in the province of Rieti, considered to be the naval of Italy ("Umbilicus italiae") since ancient times, means in no time at all you can get to places boasting wonderful landscapes, historic treasures, artistic wonders and religious sites: Perugia, Assisi and Spoleto, for example, and here you're just an hour from Rome, the "Eternal City".
photo Relais Villa d'Assio

The surrounding landscapes here are truly stunning: Lake Piediluco, the Marmore Waterfalls and the splendid Nature Reserve around the Lakes Lungo and Ripasottile, which are part, together with a whole series of smaller lakes, of the ancient "Lacus Velinus".

The "Tempe" restaurant, then, recalls the thoughts of Cicero who stayed here with Axius in his luxurious country villa, the remains of which you can still enjoy. "Tempe" offers the fine regional cuisine, which uses simple ingredients, taken from the local land and the meals are based on the tradition local country cuisine in all of these magnificent towns, always presented with skill and imagination combined.
photo Relais Villa d'Assio

The "Relais Villa d'Assio" Hotel, then, offers you the chance to enjoy a relaxing holiday, in contact with splendid nature, in just the right position to visit all of Central Italy.

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Relais Villa d'Assio

Hotel in Colli sul Velino, Lazio

SS 79 - LocalitÓ Mazzettelli - 02010 - Colli sul Velino (RI) , Italy

Tel. (Italia Lodging © booking office): +39 06 77250543

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