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La residenza dello scoiattolo
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La residenza dello scoiattolo

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Winter sports and a whole series of excursions and nature trips, with a view of Monte Rosa

photo La residenza dello scoiattolo The Residenza dello Scoiattolo (Squirrel Residence)" B&B is located halfway along the Valle Anzasca valley, just over 10 km from Macugnaga, where you will find Monte Rosa, the perfect place for those who love skiing in the Winter and nature trips, and for those who simply love Summer nature. The isolated position of the B&B, while remaining really close to the town centre, creates a special charm which can then be added to the warmth and availability of the owners. The B&B has two floors and is all wood. The building's fašade, then, is completely covered with lovely wisteria. The first floor is all for the Bed & Breakfast guests: total privacy is guaranteed here.

The Bed and Breakfast consists of two bedrooms: one double bedroom with a large terrace and a view of Monte Rosa, plus one single room. There is also a shared area which is home to the guest bathroom and a second terrace-solarium. The ground floor, then, is home to the Breakfast Room and boasts a fine fireplace, a kitchen and the second bathroom with a shower, which is also used by the owners.

When the weather is good, you can choose to have your breakfast in the open air in front of the B&B entrance, immersed in the lovely green nature of the surrounding countryside and mountains.

The B&B has been decorated with untreated wood as the owners are true believers in "environment-friendly" solutions. All the walls, flooring and ceilings (which have wonderful visible beams) are 100[[[]]%[]] wood.

You simply cannot miss the chance to go on an exciting trip to the Guia gold mine or to Macugnaga, where Monte Rosa is located, fascinating in both Winter and Summer.

The "Residenza dello Scoiattolo" B&B is peaceful and truly perfect for a relaxing holiday but also offers a whole range of sports, skiing and treks.
photo La residenza dello scoiattolo

Enjoy the splendid view of Monte Rosa here: put simply, enjoy this wonderful unforgettable holiday home!

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La residenza dello scoiattolo

Bed and Breakfast in Bannio Anzino, Piemonte

Via San Pietro, 21 - 28871 - Bannio Anzino (VB) , Italy

Tel. (Italia Lodging © booking office): +39 06 77250543

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