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Hotel Imperiale
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Hotel Imperiale

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The promise of a wonderful stay on the Ionian Coast

photo Hotel Imperiale Hotel Imperiale is born from the history of the great Villa Imperiale of Ciglio dei Vagni, the most known ancient monument of the territory of Nova Siri. According to some people, the area corresponds to the ancient Lagana, while according to others, to one of the districts - isolated from the rest of the city - of the ancient Siris, then Castrum Boletum, the future Bollita, a name kept up to 1872 when, with a Royal Decree, it acquired the current name of Nova Siri.

The big villa was situated on the hills descending towards the seaside until reaching the ancient coastal area of the Jonio Sea and the caff representing a place of refreshment and shelter for the wayfarers directed towards the Region of Calabria or, along the Valley of Sinni, towards the Tirreno Sea.

A wonderful stay: this is the promise made by Hotel Imperiale. This promise can be easily kept thanks to its elegant and functional furniture, the completeness of its accessories as well as the high quality level of its services.
photo Hotel Imperiale

With its thirty-one rooms, among which one wonderful exclusive suite offering everything you need to have a pleasant stay - telephone, TV, fridge, air conditioned - Hotel Imperiale is by far beyond the common standards of comfort and prestige. Hotel Imperiale meets any needs, offering a pleasant vacation as well as a good relaxing stay for the business travellers.

Now relax and start to enjoy these places which are just as you've always desired them. The hotel is about 1 km far from the seaside and has a private beach with special arrangements which can be reached by private car, on foot or by a public transport shuttle.
photo Hotel Imperiale

The hotel is also equipped for long-stay accommodation of autonomous old people offering a 24 hrs service. The restaurant, always available for the hotel guests, offers the best of the local as well as national and international food, with a guarantee of quality and good taste. This will certainly contribute to your wonderful stay!

The restaurant is also used as Meeting Room or Wedding Hall for you special occasions. HOTEL IMPERIALE is situated in the wonderful and extreme border of the Region of Basilicata, stretching towards the Region of Calabria.
photo Hotel Imperiale

Very close to the waters of the Jonio Sea, it is an ideal place for a stop in a calm atmosphere, with the possibility of excursions around the area of Nova Siri, or towards Tricarico, Vaglio, Venosa, Grumento Nova, Sibari and Crotone. For those interested in a sporting vacation, sailing, windsurf, canoe, fishing as well as diving can be practiced.

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Hotel Imperiale

Hotel in Nova Siri, Basilicata

via Pietro Nenni s.n. - 75020 - Nova Siri (MT) , Italy

Tel. (Italia Lodging © booking office): +39 06 77250543

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