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Bed and Breakfast, Tuscany, Italy, Massa e Cozzile
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Poderino Lero
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Poderino Lero

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photo Poderino Lero Poderino Lero is a lovely completely-restructured rustic lodge, located 400 m above sea level, surrounded by woods on the green Tuscan hills. The Bed and Breakfast provided a hospitality guaranteed by the care and dedication with which this rustic lodge in the countryside is organised. The atmosphere of peace and tranquillity which you find belongs to a dimension which recalls a different time. It is cut into a hillside on the hills overlooking Montecatini Terme, with its vast and airy panorama.

Olive groves, vineyards and orchards surround the property to give it a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. The climate is always temperate: pleasant in winter and fresh in summer.

The interiors and the rooms are furnished in a rustic style with considerable attention to details, which make the living room so familiar that it appears you are at the home of friends.

The farm is right beside the medieval town of Cozzile, just behind the Castle, recently restructured, where Dante Alighieri, ancient texts appear to suggest, stayed during a trip to Lucca. From the farmhouse, taking the old Roman road through the woods, you get to Massa, the other local town, also built in serene stone, where you will find the Medici Monastery of the Visitation.
photo Poderino Lero

One of the three large and comfortable rooms has a private en-suite bathroom while the other rooms share a bathroom.

...an oasis of peace where the harmony ensures a relaxation which fills the mind and purifies the soul.

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Poderino Lero

Bed and Breakfast in Massa e Cozzile, Tuscany

Via in Campo, 42 - 51010 - Massa e Cozzile (PT) , Italy

Tel. (Italia Lodging © booking office): +39 06 77250543

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