To book an accommodation part of our network please follow the steps below:
  • make your own search in our web site looking for the accommodation that better fits with your needs OR choose the option Follow our suggestions to submit your query directly to our booking office. In This case we'll let you know shortly which available accommodation suite better with your requirements.

  • in case you choose the search option, in every accommodation site listed with us you will be able to send your request to  Italia Lodging® clicking on the "booking" button.  Italia Lodging® will process your inquiry shortly mailing you  information concerning the accommodation availability.

  • once you receive our e-mail reply please feel free to proceed with the booking.   

  • in our e-mail reply you'll find the procedure to book the accommodation definitely .  

  • then wait for our written confirmation.

You can contact us anytime. We are always available to offer any further information you may need

Dear Italia Lodging Staff,

Thank you so much! What a wonderful service you offer and it is certainly a joy to work with PEOPLE instead of just computers for a change!! We are not very experienced travelers so we are a bit nervous about arranging the details of our Italy vacation. We decided to do it on our own instead of getting a travel agent here in the States to arrange everything.

We look forward to reviewing any bed and breakfast offerings you may have for us to consider. You sound so friendly and helpful and you are already putting us at ease. Thank you again for your kindness and assistance.


Teresa F
. (USA)

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Finding and booking your accommodation will be easy, convenient and clear through all the steps 

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