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You can send a booking request using one of the methods below:

contact Italia Lodging - Charming Italy Hotels make your own search  looking for the accommodation that better fits with your needs
contact Italia Lodging - Charming Italy Hotels choose the option "follow our suggestions" to submit your query directly to our booking office
contact Italia Lodging - Charming Italy Hotels use our "best offer" request form

Our staff we'll answer shortly with availability, rates, and suggestions about your request (s). once you receive our responce e-mail, if you want you are free to proceed with the definitive booking.

  » Why booking using Italia Lodging?

Only quality properties. Only small hotels, bed and breakfast, farm guest houses or apartments with a very good value for money, where guest can find hospitality, charm and a direct and attentive management. Since 2000 we select only properties where we would like to stay ourselves. Moreover all the properties listed in Italia Lodging have given proof of reliability over time. If we receive bad guest comments about a specific property, we simply do not list it any longer.
When you book with Italia Lodging you know that you can count on the success of your reservation: you have a 100% guarantee of no surprises at your arrival. No misunderstandings with the innkeeper, no problem, no over bookings, no differences between what you have booked and what you get. When you book with Italia Lodging your host knows that you are booking with a website committed with quality, charm and attentive and personalized service: everything then will come as a consequence.
No extra costsNo extra cost
When you book with Italia Lodging you pay no extra cost on the room price. As for any other booking site (like, expedia etc etc ... ) the innkeeper pays a commission to us, but for the host (you) there is no difference at all. So booking with a website as Italia Lodging you only have advantages: our quality guarantee, our assistance, our personalized service at absolutely the same price. The main difference between Italia Lodging and the big booking portals (as is that we are able to provide a personal and customized service to each single guest.
SelectionBest rate guarantee
Nowadays parity rate is a must: meaning that for a specific property future guest have to find everywhere the same price. Guests (you) have just to decide which website provides the better guarantee for a safe and reliable booking. For this reason, if by chance should you find the property you are booking at a lower price everywhere else (including the property personal website) just inform us, and we will be more than happy to match that price. Just contact us at
PassionAttention to each guest's specific needs
Italia Lodging is a website where personal interactions are preferred to machines and computer based processes. When possible we prefer to deal in a personal matter all the requests received by guests. When you book with Italia Lodging you can always be confident that you have on the other side of your PC people who work with passion and with the aim to provide a satisfactory service to their customers. We are a small staff, working hard since 2000 on the quality of what we offer.
SafetySafety in the transmission of your data
When you book with Italia Lodging you can count on the safest data transmission protocols on the web. We use a secure serves certified by Verisign® (the company leader in the security on the web). We keep your sensitive data the strictly necessary time for your reservation, and we do not transmit this data to any other party, if not the property you are booking.

Dear Italia Lodging Staff, Thank you so much! What a wonderful service you offer and it is certainly a joy to work with PEOPLE instead of just computers for a change!! We are not very experienced travelers so we are a bit nervous about arranging the details of our Italy vacation. We decided to do it on our own instead of getting a travel agent here in the States to arrange everything. We look forward to reviewing any bed and breakfast offerings you may have for us to consider. You sound so friendly and helpful and you are already putting us at ease. Thank you again for your kindness and assistance. Sincerely, Teresa F. (USA)



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