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Score: Punteggio 7 7/10

Country of origin: United Kingdom
Period of stay: Ottobre, 2011
What is probably a typical rural Italian house (albeit with 9 guest rooms) but full of unusual - to my British eyes at least - furniture and art works. Antiques I suspect - probably typical Italian furnishings of the past no longer seen as fashionable or desirable in a modern home. They've managed to source many matching items, like the huge bed headboard in our room and the matching, again huge, wardrobe and chest of drawers. In the dining room are two huge (again) ornately carved sideboards depicting battles of the Crusader period at a guess. To have such furniture made now would cost a fortune. As to modern day requirements - there were only a handful of hangers (in the huge wardrobe), we had to ask for a roll of toilet paper and the shower was a bit of a handful - wet floors every morning. We stayed for three nights and had no change of towels - which was OK. Be warned the room and house might be cold in the winter months. Villa Olcima is quite hard to find - it's just before the town/village (coming from Rome) with just a small metal plaque on the wall outside. Edoudo (Edwardo?) was about the place the whole time and he swiftly responded to every request. And the dog really is friendly! We have relatives in the village (who don't have any spare rooms) and will recommend Villa Olcima as a suitable resting place for any other members of our family who go to visit. Make sure you go to the restaurant (Regina?) on the other side of town and if you are feeling brave (and hungry) have the 30 euro fish menu. You will not be disappointed - and you will not be hungry for some time!

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